Ftechnics offers solutions for multiple account management on all of its supported systems, either through in house product or through select service providers.

On Prodigy Software, mid to large size professional traders and fund managers have two options to trade on behalf of their clients.

FT Broker is the one stop terminal for a money manager to place independent orders to multiple clients from a single login access. In this option, all sub accounts are accessible via a drop down list, where all individual risk management is done instantly on all accounts separately.

FT Money Manager (FTMM) product on the other hand is the tool to manage all accounts under an Equity based allocation method. All the risk management is conducted on the main (FTMM) account, where clients are simply allocated pieces of every single trade based on their equities.

On Meta 4, Ftechnics also offers implementation of PAMM and MAM services, through both Meta Multi-Terminal and Multi Account Management systems.

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