Ftechnics develops inhouse mobile trader for Prodigy. 07.01.2016

Ftechnics introduces new IB backoffice. 05.09.2016

Prodigy is powered with CFD options. 03.15.2016

MT4 Webtrader integration is for brokers. 11.11.2016

Ftechnics developed API for CFDs. 05.11.2015

Ftechnics enhances Prodigy with DataCenter technology. 06.12.2014

Ftechnics collaborates with Citibank for Streamline FX. 02.05.2014

Prodigy integrates with top mobile FX mobile app for trading. 11.10.2013

Prodigy is upgraded to meet latest financial regulatory framework. 09.05.2013

Ftechnics developped streaming Executable USD/INR Non deliverable contracts and integrated to its Prodigy Platform 10.01.2011

Ftechnics celebrates our market-making API’s success to push first ever spot Bullion pricing to Currenex platform.

Ftechnics launched its 'Prodigy' platform 05.15.2011

Ftechnics celebrates our market-making API’s success to push first ever spot Bullion pricing to Currenex platform.

Our Market-making API to do Gold & Silver Bullion pricing on Currenex 01.01.2010

Ftechnics celebrates our market-making API’s success to push first ever spot Bullion pricing to Currenex platform.

Ftechnics & Nasdaq proudly presents NFX Exchange products 12.01.2009

Ftechnics collaborated with Nasdaq to offer NFX exchange Mini Currency Futures contracts through Ikon Futures platform. Totally integrated with our backoffice systems, NFX exchange products are available to all FCMs and their client terminals.

Ftechnics completed Market making integration with Baxter 10.01.2009

Ftechnics Inc. is proud to announce that our market making engine has been successfully integrated with Baxter systems.

Ftechnics finalized its backoffice integration with Currenex Viking 07.01.2009

Currenex’s new generation retail FX platform: ‘Currenex Viking’ is fully integrated to Ftechnics’s backoffice systems. As a result of this speedy integrations process, our backoffice users are among the very first companies to offer Currenex Viking platform.

Ftechnics finalized Pricing and execution bridge implementation to Hotspot FX 06.01.2009

Ftechnics became one of few technology companies to integrate its pricing and executions bridges to Hotspot FX.

Ftechnics upgraded to New Futures Platform 05.01.2009

New generation Ikon Futures Platform is now equipped with better graphics and charting, better displayed market depth information and friendlier designed order ticket. Our new technological improvements enables execution speed to fall below a second to get execution and confirmation.

NDF integration on New Platinum 05.01.2009

Ftechnics integrated Emerging Market NDFs to its proprietary FX platform. New Platinum enables dealing desks to offer RFQ based NDF quotations, on forward products or for products that do not have a streaming quotation.

Spot Bullion Market Depth Integration 02.01.2009

Ftechnics’ Ikon platinum product is now equipped with the ability to provide first ever ‘Market Depth’ on spot bullion products.

Ftechnics to successfully complete DGCX price integration 01.01.2009

Ftechnics cooperated with Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange to push pricing into the exchange as a price maker on several products.

FTECHNICS proud to announce the release of the New E-FIPS API (v 1.21) 09.01.2008

As a market relevant and dynamic technology provider FTECHNICS is extremely pleased to announce the launch E-FIPS API (v 1.21).

Catering to middle market and institutional clients the FTECHNICS E-FIPS API provides higher performance lower latency (data and execution) and multiple order types for position monitoring and execution.

FTECHNICS proud to introduce a new version of Platinum FX 09.01.2008

In our continuing effort to provide market relevant technology to clients FTECHNICS announces the release of a new version of the extremely successful Platinum FX trading platform (v.1.83.7).

With the new version clients have 20 times faster execution and pricing multiple order matching for position closeout and quick ticket with multiple order types.

FTECHNICS and Financial Technologies enter into MOU 08.01.2008

FTECHNICS is pleased to announce the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with Financial Technologies India Ltd. for global market access/technology and trading applications.

This MOU brings together a long standing relationship between both parties to develop greater access for both Firm's clients on global exchanges and OTC platforms as well as enhancing FTECHNICS's role as a market maker on FTIL exchanges. Currently FTECHNICS is an active market maker/trading member on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX).

FTECHNICS Inc. developed and released its ‘Market Making API’ product 07.01.2008

The new product is used by Ikon GM to serve as initial market making member on Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX).

In our continuous efforts to strive for excellence, Ftechnics released its high speed Market Making API. Product is designed to allow users to make markets on the exchanges. Combined with market maker protections, new product serves both middle and large size institutions.