Introduce your clients to global electronic futures markets with Ftechnics Futures Online which integrates seamlessly with market feeds. Futures trading have vastly became a significant part of investor portfolios. Either as a hedging tool or a speculative investment, corporate and individual futures transactions accounts majority of today’s financial markets. Enhance your business with a turnkey solution for your Future business.

Robust and Reliable Execution System

Ftechnics provides access to worldwide exchanges and off-exchange derivative products. The platform provides unique functionality and fast executions with aggregated risk management and backoffice solutions. Leading edge technology guarantees seamless trading experience.

The platform incorporates 4 different Order Types; Market, Limit, Stop and OCO (One Cancels the Other) enabling traders to execute different strategies and market depth information for a better market overlook.

Risk and Trade Management

Manage your positions and performance with P&L and margin values calculated live from market prices instantly. Positions and the corresponding P&L can be traced on contract basis while account balance and intraday margin values are summarised on an informative right hand menu bar.

High frequency trades will have it easy to follow their orders and positions. The order window guides trades through their positions and allows for complete risk management.

Futures Online 1

Order Ticket

Ftechnics has developed an order ticket that enables traders to place orders on an easy to read market depth display. The order ticket is user-friendly as it has been developed after extensive market research among retail and institutional clients. You will have full control over the market with the state of art order ticket.

Futures Online 2

Quick Tickets

Users can define a set of Quick Tickets that can be used to place instant orders to multiple commodities. These tickets also allow to place stop and limit orders besides market orders. Orders can be executed with a single click and confirmation or by the faster double click option.

Futures Online 3

Embedded Backoffice

Ftechnics provides a direct backoffice access to its Future platform users. The system consists of daily and monthly statements, reports, trades details and personal information. Backoffice system is integrated and can be directly accessed from the ‘statements’ tab. All journal and wire entries are also logged on the system on a daily basis.


Follow the market with charts. Run different studies and explore alternative investment strategies.

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Integrated News Alerts

Future Online users can reach detailed market reports from the news tab located on the right hand side toolbar. Our experts prepare daily reports on various commodities and markets. Clients also have access to instant news, data announcements and statements compiled from numerous sources.

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