Ftechnics first introduced its state of the art foreign exchange and spot metals platform and was the first company introducing online FX Option & Bullion Option trading to FX markets. We now have gone one step further and have combined FX/Bullion Spot trading with Options on a single trading system.

There are plenty of online trading system available in the market but only few include option trading and none is as userfriendly and robust as the New Ftechnics Online Trading System. Whiltelabel our system and boost your business with the comparative advantage of an advanced online trading system.

The advantages of the system are:

FX Spot and FX Options together

Trade FX Spot together with FX Options on a single platform and increase the variety of your strategies. Create covered option strategies or hedge your option exposure by delta hedging tick by tick. Trade on streaming bid and offers or use the RFQ function for nonstandardized option contracts.

Fx Online 1

Easy-to-use Quick Order

Easy-to-use Quick Order tickets instantly execute orders as fast as never experienced before. The simplicity of these tickets improves the speed, leaving you more time to develop your trading strategy. Hit the price and instantly recieve your execution.

Fx Online 2

De-attach Screen Feature

Ftechnics FX Onlineā€™s De-attach Screen functionality is ideal for a multi-screen environment which allows placing each window on a different screen enabling you with full control of your account and markets.

Fx Online 3

Placing Orders in the Market Depth

We are aware that the market depth is extremely important for investors and we have designed a completely new Order ticket where you can place orders on the market depth. Watch the market depth streaming on the right and immediately place your working order on the grid with a simple double click. Follow and manage your orders from the market depth ladder.

Fx Online 4

Margin Netting

Investors can create various trading strategies by combining FX Spot with FX Options and they can maximize the benefit of their deposit as option and spot margin is netted out. This risk based approach increases the leverage of investments and enables the investor to monitor risk more efficiently.

Fx Online 5

Stay Hedged

Ftechnics FX Online allows clients to choose between FIFO and Custom trade realization. You can choose to remain long/short (hedged) on all your trades and may close the ones selected manually. Alternatively you may choose to have all your trades realized according to the First-In-First-Out rule.

Fx Online 6

Trade Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF) Online

Ftechnics FX Online provides the opportunity to trade NDF in 7 currency pairs including USDINR, USDRUB, USDBRL, USDCLP, USDCOP, USDTRY and EURTRY.

Fx Online 7

Advanced Charting Tool and News

Follow the markets from fast and crystal clear charts, while you will get updated on the latest market news and using advanced charting tools directly on the platform.

Fx Online 8

Select the Base Currency You Like

You may deposit funds in any of the major currencies you like and the platform will show all balances, values and profit in the selected currency base.

Fx Online 9

Customize the Layout and adjust the Skin

All windows on the layout can be moved across the screen and automatically fit into the boxes. Pull together all windows you need or create separate screens with multiple windows. Just Drag and Drop the window and arrows on the screen will guide you to re-place the window.

You may also change the skin in order customize the look with various different layouts from a serious look to casual

Fx Online 10

Live Chat Support

Directly contact the tradedesk with embedded chat function. Communicate your trade queries or speak about other trade related issues.

Fx Online 11

Embeded Backoffice

View statements, Swaps and trade activity reports or manage your account security. Please click here for more information about backoffice solutions.

Fx Online 12