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There is no substitute for accurate, timely risk management. Current market conditions are not the only drivers to proper risk management. Our risk modeling is focused not just on today’s problems, but on event horizon: what do we face with product innovation?

FT-ORMS is a sophisticated risk management system that integrates instantaneous market conditions with customizable, account based and pro-active reporting of risk conditions and factors. The system is in a direct cooperation with the FT matching engine to enable early prevention of uncover able losses on customer accounts.

The FT risk management system (FT-ORMS) is able to calculate the position list and p&l values for different types of accounts like money manager accounts, brokers and long & short accounts etc.

There are several types of position closing methods that can be determined on account basis in the FT-ORMS system including FIFO, manual position closing by customers as well as a combination of intra day manual closing and end of day FIFO processing.

FT-ORMS allows position keepers close their positions with one click with its unique speed and variety of options like total closing of all daily positions on currency basis, total closing of all positions for a specific currency pair and matching of manually selected multiple open positions with each other. The new system with the addition of brand-new take-profit and stop-loss prices for orders is so simple and sound that risk management with FT-ORMS requires no more a professional knowledge on the area.

The client interface that FT-ORMS provides for dealers and risk managers is designed not only for the fastest access to the whole picture and but also to the most detailed reports on demand. These reports include risk views for different currency pairs, different market types (like options, futures or spot fx) and reports for manually determined account groups. The system refreshes itself on every single customer or hedge trade entry automatically to reflect the latest value at risk. The average prices of the net positions can be displayed according to various user defined methods like first-in-first-out or hedge trade priority.

Automatically stop loss trigger is one of the most useful and comprehensive features of the FT-ORMS system. It allows risk managers determine specific parameters on account basis for the prevention of uncoverable losses and aims to take action before the markets move too fast for an individual customer to react. There is a customizable offset from the zero liquidation value condition and a tick-based worst condition setting which triggers a course of actions to eliminate the total risk on the customer account by closing positions and cancelling working orders.

The FT middle office system serves as a second and account based position tracking module that allows dealers display the account value status of individual or group accounts with p&l and margin details according to the latest market prices.

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MetaTrader 4 Solutions

  • MT4 Bridge
  • MT4 Client API
  • MT4 Multi-Agent Commision
  • MT4 Net Open Position Limits
  • MT4 Multiple Login Control
  • MT4 Max Lot Session Control
  • MT4 Gradual Margin Plugin
  • Custom Solutions upon request

Meet the well known Meta Trader 4 with Ftechnics White Label Support. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows to trade in FX, Bullion and CFDs.

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Ftechnics API solutions are designed to serve market professionals to further program and integrate their codes and systems to receive real-time streaming executable quotes via a data feed, submit orders in various order types, and execute / delete or modify orders.

Ftechnics currently offers FIX protocol based API solutions for API Trading. Our FIX API provides multi-liquidity provider pricing via a FIX 4.4 protocol.

For general information about FIX APIs, please refer to: www.fixprotocol.org.

API system is a one stop connection of experts to select liquidity solutions. Client will have all basic functionality to trade FX and spot metals as if he is trading via a standard Prodigy GUI system.

API system is a one stop connection of experts to select liquidity solutions. Client will have all basic functionality to trade FX , spot metals and CFDs as if he is trading via a standard Prodigy GUI system.

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Backoffice System

Ftechnics offers backoffice solutions for the FX and Derivatices market guided by market specialists to meet your needs. Now you can reduce the time and resources you spend on operational and administrative activities.

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Risk Management Tools

FTechnics offers you an extensive list of selections on risk management tools you would like to implement when trading on FX market. You can protect yourself from unfavorable outcomes or increase your profits by implementing strategies using these tools.

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Exchange Matching System

F-MATCH system allows market makers join the market depth with their quotes with its order input options from APIs and other online systems via its API interface. The API interface is independent of the programming language that the counterparty is willing to use. The system includes the whole order functionality package provided by the online system interface.

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